Community Engagement – Share Offer Consultation

We Need Your Pledge 

Update Following March 2024 Community Share Consultation
So the steering group met to discuss our thoughts following an amazing 2 weeks whilst we went through a Community Share offer consultation period.
Purpose of Consultation
The purpose of those 2 weeks was to establish if we felt confident enough of the level of support from the Community to take our project to the next stages.
Whilst the consultation period has gone we are still taking pledges.
If anyone wants to pledge then they can send an email to stating;
• Your name, address, telephone number
• The amount you would like to pledge
Or you can fill in our pledge form here  Save The Six Bells Pledge Form
However, our supporters made us sit up and take notice.
• We had 100’s of you contact us with messages of support.
• 56 of you pledged to invest in buying shares. Even more told us you would be keen to donate with many of you suggesting we need to set up a Go fund me / crowd funding page!
• We have received pledges from £50 right up to £5,000 – it all counts!!!
Next steps
As a steering group we unanimously agreed that we felt confident we could raise the required funds, enough confidence for us to proceed to the next phase of discussions with the Agent and the owner around purchasing the Six Bells.
So. Watch This Space.
Thank You So Much
On Thursday 7th March we held an urgent Community Engagement Event following some significant progress in our project to save the Six Bells.
We had a fantastic turnout and the response since has been phenomenal.
We are at the stage where we need to make some key decisions. To move forward with the project, we will need to raise a significant amount of money in a fairly short space of time.
We always knew that if we got to the point of engagement with the owner around purchasing the Six Bells – we would need to move quickly and launch a Share Offer.
We can only do this if we have the support of the wider Community and to determine if we can raise some significant amounts!
We need to understand your appetite to be part of this project – we need your pledge. This is not a final commitment – it just gives us an indication of the level of support available and how realistic it will be to raise the funds we need.