Following the launch of our share offer consultations we have been asked a number of questions so we thought it would be useful to post some of the more common questions and responses.

Q. When will you require the money to buy shares?
A. Not sure on exact timescales as yet - but it wont be until at least July. All we need at the moment is what you think you may invest in shares or donate.

Q. How much should we pledge?
A. Completely up to you - everything helps. We have  had a number of pledges come through and they range from £100 up to £5,000.

Q. Is there a deadline for pledges?
A. Before we commit to buying the Six Bells we need to understand if it is possible to raise the amount we need. Our consultation period was to understand the appetite to invest so that we could then make a decision to move forward with our discussions or to stop.  We were overwhelmed with support and as such we carry on.  However we still need people to pledge.

Q. What happens if we pledge?

A.  We will add you to our database of potential shareholders and will keep you informed of progress.  Once we are at the stage where we need to rasie the funds to purchase the Six Bells we will let you know.  There will be a window - likely to be 4-6 weeks for shares to be purchased.  We will issue a Share Prospectus to all those that have expressed an interest.

Q. Is this only open to the local community
A. Absolutely not - this is open to anyone that values local communities, that has history with the Six Bells pub, that would love to come and visit a community hub that has a pub with fantastic food, a cafe to meet with friends over coffee and cake, a place to buy some amazing local produce or a place to come and understand more about the Gwent levels, the history and the amazing local ecology before perhaps walking the coastal path that is on our doorstep.

Do get in touch if you have any further questions -